Friday, 3 August 2012

Sleepless City Cartoon!

Here once again all you Gibberish readers out there with yet another Friday blog post! Well, what can I say, after last weeks absence with creating anything new I am back into the drivers seat and it is full steam ahead once again! Got busy with another new illustration these past few days I have! Also finally I've kicked myself to buy some more pens as that DJ illustration I started (and showed you) a few weeks back was a bit tricky to ink in. Plus, not sure why but even though all my pens had run out I still kept them. LOL I was getting lost in a sea of pens that hardly worked to some that were completely dead! So for the first time in ages it was a mass load of inkless pens into the trash and happily using brand new ones! OK, OK so I am obsessed with the certain pens I use. Hell, I even stick to one particular pencil at a time, hailing it as my lucky pencil! But hey, what more can I do? These are my weapons of choice and I am a total dork! But at least I can admit it right? Jak stop it, you are getting carried away here! Giving all you lot way too much info out on my geekiness here! Well this new illustration I am doing is for another DJ/ Music producer named, Preston Jobe A.K.A Sleepless City (If you guys want to check out this guys tunes head down to his Facebook page by clicking here)! So then, what do you guys think so far? Looking forward to colouring it in that is for sure!

I know I did say I might of coloured in that other DJ illi I was working on but I will deffo be showing that all finished next week! It's been brilliant colouring it in and so far so good so remember to look out for it soon! Right before I go ahead and make this post way too wordy I am off to watch... Yes you guessed it... Those Olympic games! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!------

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