Friday, 17 August 2012

Painting the City in Multi Colour!

With this Friday comes another finished piece of work from me! That Sleepless City piece I started the other week finally gets coloured in and done. Been liking this piece from the first time I started it. Also thought when it was almost done I would do something a bit different with the white out line and it seems to look good! Might play a bit more with this concept for my next up coming pieces! As well as that I am getting into playing around with using that Bitmap effect on Photoshop. For those who not too sure what I mean, it is that spotted look in the background of this piece, lets just leave it at that. Plus I am so crap at explaining myself these days :P. Well, here it is the finished Sleepless City piece of work! Sleepless City is a music producer across the duck pond from me and damn well worth checking out!! If you wanna check out this guy's tunes click here for his Facebook page!

I feel this, really I do!! So happy Sleepless City himself loves it to! It is truly an honour to draw for peeps! It's what keeps me alive! 

Oh, and also I nearly forgot but here is something a bit different for all of you starting as of next week! All week and ONLY next week I will be having a little t-shirt sale! Yeah, that is right, my t-shirts will be just £12!! So if you want a cheap tee that is full of screen printed colour then on Monday head down to my on line store. That is £12 plus free UK delivery! Now what do you think of that?
All right guys and girls I am off to get this garden hedge of a hair do cut! It is turning into something well scary. That and I got some kick ass weekend a head of me so I do not wanna scare half of London away when I hit the streets! Take care all I am out this bitch ass piece! That and doing some more logo work. Ooooooooooo but wait wait till Monday for more on that one! Toodles!!


----Big Ups!!----

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