Monday, 6 August 2012

Finished DJ School Illustration!

Oi there Monday Gibberish blog readers and welcome to my latest post! How you all doing, all is well huh? Good, because I've been working a bit this weekend to bring you a new finished piece of mine!! This piece is that illustration I showed you a few weeks back which is for the DJ School! Remember? Well anyway, if you don't that is OK because here it is ladies and gents! Like?

This DJ School is actually being started up the crazy breaks duo, Leuce Rhythms (if you want to check out their tunes and so on click here to go to their Facebook fan page). However, an other logo is going to be done for this school but for now I have put up their own logo! I could be doing their other logo so stay tuned peeps! This week will sure be full of logo work but more on that with this up coming Friday post! All right guys and girls I am off to watch, The Dark Knight Rises for the second time and just chill because I do neeeeed a rest in the sun!! Toodles!!

--------Big Ups!!------

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