Monday, 30 July 2012

A Gibberish Photo Shoot!

Aaaaaaaaaaw sorry guys for the lack of a post last week! Had one of those crazy weeks spending the hours here, there, and everywhere. Fam were down from Cali and left on Wednesday then off to a massive, The Dark Knight Rises viewing and then a wedding. Wonderful week but I could not get the time in. Anyway, anyway, here I am again and I got something cool to show you lot. I've been working on a photo shoot. It is a bit different than what I normally chose to get myself involved in but I've been loving it. So, here it is, my first ever photo shoot!

"100% Gibberish" in black
"Crazy about Creativity" in black
As you might of guessed by now this photo shoot is for my own t-shirts. I needed some photos to display what they would look like worn on peeps rather than just having photos of the designs spread out flat on the floor. On the website store I use at the moment there is no photos like this, just kind of photos showing just designs rather than what they look like on someone. I've just done female photos so far but I am going to do them on males too, just need to get a round to it. I have to say, thanks to my Cali cousin Lindsay and her wonderful friend, Bre these photos look great. Much love you two!

"Crazy about Creativity" in blue
"100% Gibberish" in blue

Now this here last one, 100% Gibberish in blue is a bit different to the others because of the shards of light. It's weird because I hate being inconsistent with my work but I really loved this one. I thought for the first time ever, "Ah fuck it, I am going to keep this even if it is somewhat different". I really love the effect the light has on the over all photo. Also like to point out I wanted to take these photos outside rather than in because I feel it gives a much more casual look to the whole thing, which these t-shirts are. Meant to be worn out and to have fun in. This is casual wear, something funky for the masses not damn glamour magazine time here LOL! Well guys I am out. Remember that DJ illustration I showed you last post? Well these past few days I have kind of left it and I so want to ink the thing in. Hopefully on Friday I will have it coloured in so I can show it to you all. OK my coffee cup is empty. Off to fill her up! Toodles!!


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