Friday, 31 August 2012

Greek Gods Get a Name Tag

Well Fridays rolled up and here is the latest with my cartoon adventures! I told you guys last week I have been busy with a new illustration/ logo type deal for Greek Gods Records (Click here to check their Facebook page!). I have been busy trying to finish it off this week but when good old Friday came today I've found myself with only half of it actually done! Still, it is going to be great when everything is complete! I am pretty pleased because I rarely do stylized lettering and over the past few weeks of logo work I have managed to get stuck in with trying out different font ideas!
For this week I have finished the, Greek Gods Records name in a kind of graff style lettering. Because of the whole Greek god theme I had the idea of making the lettering like crumbled stone but did not want to make the whole thing grey, like a stone colour! Sounds boring, plus I don't like the idea of colouring a name tag in just grey so instead I made it more colourful! More my kind of thing, a colourful block of stone heehee!!
Greek Gods Records

But also just to show you the rest! It is all inked in and ready to be scanned using my wonderfully banged up scanner LOL!

Some of the lines in this need a bit of a touch up but I can do that after I have scanned this in. Plus, you might think part of the illustration is missing or that random image of the deck wheel in the bottom corner is out of place. The reason being is because it will be joined onto the lettering after. I can then copy and paste it into a place I want rather than making a miss judgement with placing if you get me!

Hope you guys out there reading this like what yer seeing! I think the Zeus image will be more fun to colour in because of the detail and characterisation. I will be showing off the 100% finished illustration this coming Monday I hope!
I am off peeps to drink coffee, listen to tunes while colouring this beast in! All the while going mad from the caffeine in take heehee (mad just like this tune:!! So stay tidy peeps!! Toodles!!!


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