Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Division 0 = Finished!!

OK, so it's not Monday any longer and once again I am writing up a delayed for Tuesday blog post! But hell, I wanted something finished to show you! This Mon...... Sorry, I mean Tuesday I am showing off to you lot my finished logo on Div 0 for Natok the scripter I told you all about last post! There is nothing yet up on his Division Zero website but soon there will be so click here to go there! Here it is guys, so get yer greasy eyeballs around this and tell me what you think!

I just hope Natok likes it and I am not changing too much here! Oh well, back to my Sleepless City illustration! I am loving that and this Friday so hoping to be publishing the finished version. Did you lot see the inked in one I showed off a few posts back? I am gunning for a Friday post when I will finish it but hey who knows, it might just be for Saturday! Delayed posts better not be this weeks habbit :P!
Oh no, keep looking at that clock. I got a dentist appointment in a few hours so I better be off and prepare myself! I can just hear that damn drilling sound now, Aaaaaaaaaah!! Toodles!!


-----Big Ups!!-----

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