Monday, 27 August 2012

DJing Greek Gods!

It's more logo designing for me this week but with a slight difference! This logo has more detail than most logos I have done. It kind'a is more of an illustration than a logo but I just could not help myself. I always add more detail and when I am in that zone I just can not stop but to add yet more and more.
The start of this week peeps comes yet another new project but this time from a US based record label known as, Greek Gods Records. Click here to check their Facebook page out! I wanted to put together something god like with DJing and this is what I am coming up with!!

I am really digging the idea of Zeus spinning some tunes on the decks which form the name, Greek Gods Records! It is still early days yet and everything is in pencil! Really wanting to see this all put together and inked up! I drew them separately and will join them later on just in case I want to move things around or adjust them come the last minute! Also so they can just use the name on it's own in that style of writing etc..!
Here is it ladies and gents...

Zeus DJ's

Greek Gods Records lettering, half finished

Well, you lot like it so far? I hope you enjoy looking at it half as much as I am enjoying drawing the thing!
Right, have a good day everyone! I am off to The Notting Hill Carnival for some craziness!! Stay cool peeps!! Toodles!!!


------Big Ups!!------

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