Friday, 10 August 2012

Dividing Zero into a logo!

Weird title huh? Well, that is the name of the web site I am doing a logo for, well, actually it is Div 0 but I wanted to make a post title out of it and that was the first thing that came to mind! Well, seems it is Friday once again and I find myself typing yet another blog post! Damn, I am starting to really love my blog! Helps me feel motivated and on task!
This Friday I am here to show off the beginnings of another new project! This new project is a kind of illustration logo type thing for another Second Life scripter named, Natok Dryke! You know that game Second Life I once told you about! OK, well not going to explain the thing all over again but Natok here builds, scripts, and sells. A bit like HEN Streeter! Well, a lot like HEN but has his own unique ways and creations! This logo is for one of his website projects he is working on outside the virtual walls of Second Life (Click here to check out his website project).

The logo I drew in parts because that way I can position it around at the end. Oh, sorry, yes, I forgot, the logo is suppose to be an angry geek kind of guy smashing a computer with a keyboard and the name made formed of pixels is leaking out and dissolving (like blood but pixels). It sounds busy for a smallish logo but is fun drawing it out! I still need to ink the rest in and get rid of the pencil marks but it is almost there now! So tell me what you think everyone! I hope yer all like my new work! I hope to finish the thing for this coming Monday but who knows. I am always rushing my work when it comes to those last moments before I publish a post. It explains sometimes why these posts come a day late or get published really late in the evenings! But hey, I so want to show you my stuff! Well, Friday night is calling me so I am jetting off peeps, stay bang tidy y'all!! Toodles!!


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