Monday, 20 August 2012

T-shirt Sale and Logo Design!

Hello there Gibberish readers! How is everyone doing out there? Seems like down here in the UK our summers been a weird one! Been so rainy and sometimes cold then all of a sudden like this weekend out of no where the temp rises up to 32 degrees Celsius, that is 94 degrees Fahrenheit (if my maths is right- AND I suck at maths)
Speaking of hot weather because the sun is now shinning away cooking everyone like sausages on a BBQ I have decided to start a week long sale of my two t-shirt designs to celebrate! Yeah that is right, a wonderful sale for a wonderful week ahead! Both my t-shirts from today (20th August) right through to the 27th August 2012 are £12 each with free UK delivery, first class and all! So come down and take a look see at my wonderful t-shirts. I am telling you a t-shirt design which has 7 colours screen printed for £12 is a right steal! Click the link below for more!!

Also that is not it, oh no!! I've also been busy on a logo! With that DJ school illustration I did I have also been doing a logo to sit beside it in style and it's turning out to be great! I love my DJ toons! It is only the first stage as of yet and you might think this looks a bit all over the place but believe you me it will come together nicely soon enough!

Here is what it will look like in the end when all is done. Oh, and this is the rough draft so excuse the crudeness of it all!!

Right, I am off to finish it now and get it all looking bang tidy! I might even show you the finished piece this Friday if you would like! Chow for now! Toodles!!

----Big Ups!!----

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