Friday, 24 August 2012

DJ School Logo Coloured!

Oh wow, today I seriously need coffee!! I've been trying my hardest to avoid the stuff but I just can not do it! How bad is that? I am so ashamed LOL!

Anyway peeps 'n' peep-esses out there it is Friday and the start to a (*looks out his window and shudders*) a rainy weekend! Oh the good old English summer!
Well, this week I've just finished that logo for the DJ School opening up soon up north in York! It is only small but has all those bright colours in I so love, the logo I mean not the school :P! I tell you what, these past few weeks have gone into logo madness with my stuff and going into next week too when I start doing a logo design for a record label called, Greek Gods Records but more on that this coming Monday! As of now, take a looks see at the logo I have finished while you get ready for a cloudy weekender!

DJ School Logo

This here logo for the DJ School UK is being set up by Daniele De Lissandri one half of, Leuce Rhythms! Click here to check out their tunes and Facebook page!

Also with that DJ illustration! That crazy guy on the decks scratching up a right storm I've added in this logo instead of theirs! As well as turning that cig into a pencil and all! See...?

DJ School Illustration & logo

Oh, and another thing I have just been published in an on line magazine article which is great so make sure to check it out! Just click right here to read the article!
Right I am jetting now peeps to begin with yet more drawing and to enjoy this Friday night but before I go I also want to point out that it is only 3 days left to the end of my t-shirt sale!
Yes that is right, just 3 days left. Well, just a few hours of Friday really so come and get your t-shirt! It is only £12/ €15/ $18!! So, if you love your t-shirts colourful (7 colours screen printed to be exact) then come on down to my store and take a look!! 

See you you soon guys and make sure you all have a great weekend!! I am out!! Toodles!!

-----Big Ups!!-----

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