Monday, 3 September 2012

A Godly Finish at Mid Night!

Hmmmmmm Monday may have gone nearly two hours ago for me but I say a day doesn't end until I go to bed damn it :P! OK, OK Mondays post this week has turned into a Tuesday post, but hey, only by a few hours! AND not even a few, one and nearly another!.... All right, I need to stop because by the end of my useless rambling it will be two hours I am sure!

I'd never thought I would see myself typing a blog post at mid night but here I am come Mon...... I mean Tuesday with my new post! I may be late with this post, and besides you lot will not be reading this until hours later! But still, I have been working hard this weekend finishing of that Greek Gods Records illustration. I wanted it done so much that here I am typing away at, 1.57 am while thinking to myself, damn I really need a shave (* itches chin*). Right, enough fuss here is the finished piece! Greek Gods Records has a new crazy toon gibberish style! (Ooo that was scary, lost internet connection there)

Aaaaaaaah right I am off running away and jumping into bed before I loose internet connection again! Maybe the Gods are trying to tell me something here! :P See you lot and for all who are reading this as late as when I first publish this have a good night! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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