Friday, 2 November 2012


Hey there all yer funky ass Gibberish readers! This Friday's blog post is coming to you with a new project of mine for a DJ/producer known as Monticore! This image I am working on is a piece for his Facebook cover image, same like Monday's finished piece actually! The real difference here is it is all one layer and this time an actual scene!

Might be hard to see what's going on in this but it will be clearer once finished! It's actually a desert scene kind of post apocalyptic in some ways. As the sun sets in the background a giant robot courses carnage in the foreground. Letters spelling out the word Monticore lay buried in the sand- heaps of rusted metal! With burning buildings and mountains in the background!

 OK, so it may look a bit confusing so far with a lot of line work here and there but trust me, it will all stand out when I am finished with it all. Hopefully posting this coming Monday so hang tight! My fave in this is actually the robot as it shoots a massive laser at the O! :P This guy, Monticore is just starting out so head on to his Facebook page if you wanna know more about him by
clicking =====> HERE!!


Well guys, that concludes another Friday's posting! I am off to continue with colouring in this thing but I hope you like it all so far! Enjoy your weekends peeps! Toodles!!


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