Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Finished Regurgitating the Rig!!

EZ Gibberish readers! Big ups to everyone still reading all these! I hope everyone's well even though it is dark as hell outside! Good old November huh?

Well this weeks indeed a short li'l post but all I really wanna do is hit you all in the eye balls with my new finished piece I have done for Rigurgitate! Like I said before, these guys throw up massive out door raves around England using their own rigged up sound system! Hence the play on words here for their name, Rigurgitate!
From the last time you saw it among with colouring it of course I change the head into some kind of monster spray can! They actually did not want the sunset/sunrise in the background so for their version I cut it out but I like it myself really! So peeps, what you all think of my new piece?

Right, as this is now a Wednesday post there might not be one on Friday. I am off to change something on the Karl Phillips and TMR logo so I might upload the new look.....Maybe! But anyway it will make the whole thing look more fresh! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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