Friday, 30 November 2012

Munching Down on a New Logo!

Hey there Gibberish readers! You all good? Wow can you believe it's almost another December coming up? Damn where did 2012 go? But you know what they say about December this year right? All that end of the world stuff and all!
Hey up, if it really is all coming to an end at least this skinny ass cartoonist will go down in style! For I have been doing yet another new logo peeps! Wow just been doing so many logos for other guys this past half year! WOW what a cartoon rush!
This here logo is for yet another music producer/ DJ going by the name of DNGRFLD! Come and check him out at his Facebook page and see what he is all about, just click ====> HERE!!

Cartoon craziness is munching down on tasty letters with this one! Looking forward to having it all coloured! Gonna be a right laugh and a half!! Just check out that tongue yo!!

Oh god, now I gotta get off and do some exciting tax return rubbish before xmas sweeps in! Wish me luck because, wow, I am gonna need it, that and an extra mug of coffee to get me through (it is so boring)! This logo however is not! Come back this Monday and hopefully I will have the coloured finished version all done for yer greasy eyes to gaze at! But until now peeps, happy trails! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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