Tuesday, 13 November 2012

More of Them Gibberish Tee Shots!!

Ah another blog post slips to Tuesday instead this week! But this blog post is going to be a li'l bit different as it is about my own stuff. Meaning this week it's not about logos nor Facebook cover photo art pieces but my t-shirts!! Been working like mad yesterday trying to finish editing them up! Was wanting to make it for yesterday night but after 2 large mugs of coffee and it turning near midnight I knew it was just not happening! So here they are for today gibberish readers, enjoy!
Oh I so wanted photos with dudes wearing my tees as I only had the ones of the girls, and what seems like months of trying to get em here they are! Finally they're up!!

For all you first time gibberish readers these shirts are screen printed on heavy weight 100% cotton t-shirts. Both have 8 colours (when was the last time you saw that many on a screen printed t-shirt?) . At the moment these t-shirts are just £15 each with free UK delivery, not bad huh?
If you want to check them out just jog on to my online store!

---- "100% Gibberish" t-shirt----


---- "Crazy about Creativity" t-shirt----


OK so I finally took these photos but sadly for these guys it was a sunny but freezing day in October! Yeah that is right, I made them all pose outside against the same white wall I shot the girls photos on and it was F'ing chappin' for use of a better word!
They are both fucking legends for doing this and I can not thank 'em enough! So, big ups Mikhail and Esteban for this!!

Right, now is the time I am offskie-boski but before I do I just wanna give a shout out! Both Mikhail and Esteban have their own music project you just gotta check out! A brilliant hip hop meets acoustic guitar driven music on show from both of them and with live acts here and there around London you shouldn't miss out! Go please by all means run down to the good old Facebook and show them some love! Just click right ===> HERE!! Alright guys, that is me done! I am outty!! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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