Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Rambling New Logo For Karl Phillips and TMR!!

This may be a late night Saturday post for me, plus I am sure because a lot of gibberish readers are out going crazy tonight it might not get read as much! But anyway, I want to show you all my new logo! This logo is for an amazing band who call themselves, Karl Phillips and The Midnight Ramblers (TMR for short). They are such a wonderful band because even though they have their own embedded style of music they can still pull off different types of tunes. What I mean is, one track they are really rocky and another they can have some electronic music flavours thrown in. All this and Karl Phillips raps along side on each one!!
I wanted to make a logo that sums up their styles, something purposely messy and edgy looking! I am going to do much more with these guys as well so be sure to keep those beady eyes of yours peeled for more! I assure you good things are about to come just you wait! So after you checked out their logo please by all means head down to their Facebook Page and check them out! You can do so by clicking ===> HERE!!! Or if you wanna watch some of their cool ass music videos here you are! Oh and I also did the cover for their recent single called, Attack The Brain, one of the videos I posted here! You can pick it up if you want on itunes just click ====> HERE!!

Right, guys I am off to have a good Saturday night out with fam from Cali so I shall say goodnight to all, and enjoy yourselves!! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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