Monday, 5 November 2012

Monticore Art Finished!

Woooooohooooooooo! Another Monday and yet another finished art piece of mine to show off! Last week I have been working hard creating something crazy for an up coming DJ/Music pro named, Monticore! That inked up illustration I took shots of has finally come to life with bright coloured craziness! You may of not been able to work it out on Friday's post but I am sure you can make sense of it now! So, I introduce to you, my wonderful gibberish readers, an apocalyptic swirl of robotic carnage (wow love that phrase)....

Ha-ha love how with that dark Chemical Language illustration I have done right after I went back to doing more colour! I did miss it I have to say!

Well, here is hopping this illustration brightens up your November Monday! Oh, and happy Guy Fawks! "Remember remember the 5th of November!" They say as they execute a man in the worst possible way! Hung, drawn and quartered time folks! If you really know what that entails then jog on down to the wiki page and give it a search- Most disgusting! So, on that note peeps I shall say fair well until this Friday! Enjoy your night of fireworks!! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----


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