Monday, 29 October 2012

A New Chemical Look! (another finished piece!)

Hello there Monday goers! Back once again with another blog post fall of finished work to show off! I so wanted this done by Friday last week but you know how it is with me, sometimes I just do not have it exactly finished just the way I want it! So on I go skipping ahead to the next Monday!

Anyhooo and what not, I hope all is cool this week with mah gibberish readers! Coz I have to say I am feeling pretty good myself! This week I have just gone and done this Chemical Language piece I've been busy getting involved with! This has got a dark gritty mood written all over it! I usually am all about bright colours but not this week I have to say! Check this new Facebook page cover art I've just done for CL! But you tell me, which version do you prefer?! Plus don't forget y'all you can check Chemical Language himself out on Facebook by clicking =====> HERE!!

With logo and shattered glass?

Or without?

Well, there you go, two versions of this but unsure as which one works best! What about you, what do you think? I really love them both in different ways. But I really dig this broken glass effect! I guess it is because my work is normally just flat and comic style. Does not really have a lot of texture compositing so this is a new stance to my regular!

OK, guys I am off to start new projects and get myself involved in all manner of craziness! Enjoy yer Halloween peeps, I am busting outty for now! Toodles!!


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