Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mario and the Catbus!

Oh and again another Monday blog turns into a Tuesday one, I guess I am on a roll huh? :P Ah, how you doing Gibberish readers? All vamped up for an Easter holiday? I suppose most of us here in good old Brit land will have a freeeeeeeeeeeeeezin' one! Never mind, at least the chocolate won't melt ay?

This week I am showing of some pretty rough and crude sketches of new ideas I have for t-shirt designs. I will be sending them off too to a few design places like my, Hello Mah Honey design I submitted yesterday (crossed fingers for that one), when I am done of course! So far they kind'a look like shite! But that is the good thing with sketch book stuff, they are allowed to be!

First up is my Cat bus from, My Neighbour Totoro idea! It is mainly a fake logo/ poster/ advertisement kind of thing for the Cat Bus Express! I thought it would be good to have above on a scroll type thing, "The Forest Spirit's Transport Network" or something then under Express have, "A purr-fect way to travel since 1988. 88 Being the year of the films release. If you have not yet seen this film you should by all means. It is such a heart warming and charming animation with amazing characters! I think if you like it you will like this design!

Next up is, as you can see, a Mario fighting Bowser design. Mario of course rocking the flower power up so his fist is flaming. This t-shirt design is kind of a mash up of, well, Mario and the cover art of Street Fighter 4. Hopefully I will have this coloured in but done in a paint brush splat kind of way! Seems like I have given myself a good few projects to work on these few weeks and I am sure they will prove to have their own problems a long the way. But if I can pull them off then I think these will rock!

As I sip this here coffee which is getting cold I can not help but think what 5 colours I will be using for these and how I am gonna use 'em! I guess I will be finding out soon enough! 
And on that note I bid farewell peeps! Until next time, stay bang tidy y'all! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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