Friday, 15 March 2013

Hello Mah Honey!

Hey there Gibberish readers! Welcome to another Friday blog post. A little late but hey hoooo, I wanted to show you all some work I've been up to today. Apart from this week where I have started up my Society 6 store (where you can go buy my octopus design, "Bubbles Tenticool" on a load of different stuff not just tees just click here to go and check it out! ) I have been drawing up a new logo. Plus I have also started up a sketch for a new t-shirt design I will hopefully finish real soon. This t-shirt design is based on a film reference. Can you guess which one? Please excuse the crudeness of this, just a rough sketch so far!

See what it is yet? This here is a tee design based on Spaceball's wonderful Alien spoof scene right at the end. Seen it? If not go check it out please because it is such a funny film, a real old classic comedy! This design is going to be drawn as if this Chest Burster Alien is bursting out the wearer's chest complete with the straw hat and cane combo! Oh "Hello mah honey. Hello my baby. Hello my rag time girl!"...... Hahahaa, brilliant!!
Also today I have been working on a small simple logo for my scripter friend going by the name of, Natok Dryke on the vitural world, Second Life. He is running a blog at the moment about helpful tips on how to build up money in business. Go check it out if you want to here: He is at the moment getting a fair bit of readers coming in. Anyway, here it is! The thing is all in parts at the moment and will be put together later but what it is is his name, Natok Dryke with a money bag character running through the centre. Check this!

Finally peeps, today I have been answering a short interview for a t-shirt blog! Seems fun and when it is done and published up on the site I will let you all know. Hopefully my answers are not too long. LOL I do get carried away yer know!
Well, that is me done for Friday Gibberish readers! I am off to do more of this here logo work and get some beer in! Have a jolly weekend y'all and see you on Monday!! Toodles!!


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