Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Zombies and Cats

Hello Gibberish readers and welcome to another blog post! I hope everyone enjoyed their chocolate covered Easter break! Everyone's on one of those chocolate come down stories no doubt :P. I was munching away like no other myself and why not huh?

Well, back to blogging after not doing much these past few days! I did ink in that Totoro tee design I was doing but then got an idea for something new. I had the idea of doing a Street Fighter themed tee but a couple of the characters as zombies. Don't ask me why though hhahahah I just thought it would be fun! I felt like I would rather do themed reference t-shirts in my own style. I am not overly keen on just copying a style or trying to. Want to see my Zombie Fighter tee design so far? Not yet finished as you can tell, still needs a lot of work but it is coming a long I guess!

It has Ryu just because he is seen to be the main street fighter character. But then it has Chun-Li (not yet finished) doing her kick but being a zombie and all her leg is falling off because it has rotted away! Wanted to add her as she is the main female character plus her costume is mostly blue which will add more of a change of colour to everything else. On the other side of Ryu is Dhalsim who even though is not a main character will add a bit more silliness to the whole thing. With his ability to stretch his arms I thought it would be funny to have him as a zombie but his long arms dragging across the ground as if his arms can not shrink back into place!

Oh, and here is the ink work I've done on my Totoro tee design! I took a break but it will be nice to get back to it and see what it looks like put together at some stage!

Right, I am off to do some more Zombie Fighter and eat something. Thanks for reading guys and hope everyone has a good week ahead! Until next time peeps, stay bang tidy!! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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