Monday, 4 March 2013

A Fish in a Bubble and a Digitized Monkey!

Hello Gibberish readers and welcome to another Monday blog post! How you all doing today? I do trust everyone is well!
Oh wow what a week!! I have indeed been busy busy. First off as you can see my Octopus t-shirt design got submitted to Threadless (**secretly high fives himself**) and all you great and wonderful readers have been scoring the tee highly! I thank everyone who has scored in. It is simple really if you have not, just chose a number from 1 to 5 depending on how much you dig it! Here is the link to go and check it out if you wish. You can sign up through Facebook too if you have not got an account with them, it is so simple!

As Chips gave chase luck was about to strike, from out of nowhere the fish found himself stuck inside a giant bubble. "I wonder where that came from?" Chips thought but did not really stop to ponder over it for too long. "Here's my chance!!" grinning gleefully!
(To be continued)

Also this weekender I've been getting myself back into some logo work and character design.  I showed off the pencil sketch for, The Digital Monkey's (Click right here to check out his Facebook page for some great tunes!) new character. However, I have gone that extra mile and whipped up a name tag for the funky geezer too! Wanna see them huh?

And here he is, the Monkey character! With his digital monitor head!

Seem like funky stuff to you? Enjoy my new Chips the cat segment? There is going to be a heap more with the fuzzy fella you wait and see, just be sure to stick around! Right I am off for a munch coz I am staaaaaaaaaaarving!! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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