Friday, 1 March 2013

Chips, Fish, and err..... Monkeys?!

While exploring the shallow waters of the deep blue for a tasty treat Chips finally comes across lunch! Taking a deep breath Chips dives down to catch this fish but it is too fast and swims away frantically!
(to be continued)

Ah, here we are once again Gibberish readers with yet another segment of the Chips the cat story for you all. I thought this would help to start everyone's weekender off with a smile. As for my weekend, it is more a reflection of great things which have happened over this week. One being I have finally submitted my Bubbles Tenticool octopus t-shirt design to Threadless so hopefully soon they will put it up for voting. But also I have started something new. Some more character design for a logo. This logo is for a DJ/producer going by the name of, The Digital Monkey (if you wanna check him out just go to his Facebook page by clicking ====> HERE). It is still in the pencil stage right now but once I've sent out this here blog I am getting on with the inking! Also, I gotta do the wording for him too. So far it's working out for me this week. Your thoughts on this here Digital Monkey guy?

LOL love how his head is some kind of computer monitor displaying his face. I got the idea that his face could change into different symbols or what have you depending on themes of The Digital Monkey's work, like tunes and stuff. I will be showing off more of this guy plus the continued story of Chips for Monday's blog post!

Well Gibberish Readers, I hope you enjoy your weekend and have as much fun as I will creating crazy cartoons! Until next time folks, stay bang tidy! Toodles!!

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