Friday, 29 June 2012

More Mooch!

Now I know this is late and all (UK time) on a Friday night! Many of you are prob hitting bars, clubs or pubs as I type this, so you might not be reading. If you are it may likely be the next day as you nurse your hang overs from hell but whatever you are doing please enjoy my latest blog entry!

So, if you have been following up till now (if so thank you very kindly) you will know that I have been doing some logo work for a DJ/producer named, Moosh. If not, then I'll splat you with this fish I have here and tell you to wake up! Well, that is a lie, I have no fish but if I did, well, that would be a bit odd..............
Anyway, getting to the point, lately I have been busy drawing up more evil bears for the guy (based on his logo if you have not been following). That and getting my t-shirt submitted into Qwertee's data base, but that bit of info I will leave until the end. Right, on with the show!! Want to see some photos of these evil bears?? Oh you do do you? Please bear (pun intended) in mind these are photos of my inked in work so areas still need to be ironed out.

All these bears from manic bears with axes and clubs to gas masks and guns are all part of a massive banner project illustration for Mooch, but also if he wants he can use the bears on their own in separate stuff to illustrate his music with too! I will show you the full blown finished illustration come Mondays blog post. If not then maybe even a delayed Tuesday post! So keep following guys because things are about to get crazy!

OK guys, coming to the end here so now I will plug the t-shirt I've just submitted and is up on Qwertee and even Redbubble for that matter! Please come to Qwertee and vote for me to get this t-shirt printed. If it gets printed it will go up on sale for £8/€10/$12 for 2 days! Thank you for your interest and future votes people!! Here's the links,

Qwertee version
Redbubble version

-------------------------Big Ups!-----------------------

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