Monday, 18 June 2012

Old Art Re-Discovered!

Well well well well! I was looking through some old pieces of mine yesterday and I found something I had almost forgotten about!! Some weird 'n' bizarre piece I did a few years back but just stuffed in some portfolio folder and left to gather dust! You know them types of folders you buy to get up some motivation in your work but then later think to yourself, "why the hell did I buy a folder so huge?!" One of those hard cased massive massive art folders you used once to cart your work to an interview miles and miles away but then think when you get there, "I am never gonna use this damn thing again?!" Yes those folders!! I have loads of these things but never use them full of old work, some crap others great!! But I found this and thought, I do need to finish this piece! I need to colour it! Make it have so many wonderful crazy colours! It has to be done! My god it is a sign!! Besides I F'ing love this illustration!!


This piece of mine has to be my most surreal and twisted piece ever and yet I had done little next to nothing to get it out there and seen! OK, I think now this has to be sorted out!! It has a story behind it. While sitting there staring at it I couldn't help but think back to that crazy weekend this originates from but, that my friends is a story best kept back for another day :)! So then you lot, what do you think about this illustration of mine? This old piece of art re discovered huh?

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