Monday, 4 June 2012

Inspiring Toons!

Ah, back again after a wild weekender! Now that was a great couple of days but did not get a chance to write something new! As I was semi recovering from it all yesterday I just started lazing around going through some old Robert Crumb cartoons! I thought, damn would love to show off some works by great artists who have inspired me over the years. But the truth is, I don't really have a whole list of people who have. I just normally tend to like so much from so many people around and never really have any names down in concrete. But two really stand out most in my mind, Robert Crumb and Rick Griffin. For those that don't know 'em, Robert is famous for those Fritz the Cat comics (aside from a ton more other stuff) and Rick for his Grateful Dead album covers and surfer art, both of them doing comic art around the 60's and 70's! Would just love to show some random pieces from them two! Amazing stuff, really amazing! So here goes and enjoy!!

---------------------------------------Big Ups!-------------------------------------

Robert Crumb

Rick Griffin

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