Monday, 25 June 2012

Ink Monsters!

So then, what do you think? I've finished my new t-shirt design at last! I call this baby, "Ink Monsters!" Wow my hand hurts right now because I hurried so much to get this piece done! May be it wasn't such a good thing doing so but I wanted it finished and uploaded for you all to see so much! This here piece, this, "Monster piece" if you will was coloured using only 5 colours. Black, white, yellow, blue, and grey! Actually this here piece I am really proud of because this is my first attempt at using Half Tones! Yep, that is right!! It may look like it is using more colours (for example the shading) but it is that wonderful illusion that is Half Toning for yer!! If you do not know what that means let me tell you! Half Toning is tiny black dots clustered together to create shading. Kind of like cross hatching but with dots instead! Cool huh?? Right I am off to hand this thing in to, Qwertee or Red Bubble and may be some others too!! Catch you on the flip!

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