Friday, 8 June 2012

I'm such a big kid!!

Oh back again after a few days! Yeah, it has indeed been a busy week for me and I ain't been getting the time to draw *sad face* But while I was out I randomly got the urge to buy something silly!! Check this out and tell me I am not the biggest kid you know!

Nerf- Maverick

I don't know maybe it is the fact my b-day was the other week or something but I was feeling damn old!! I mean it felt like yesterday that I was eight years old playing Super Mario World on my brand new SNES come that cold Christmas morning! Or even Donkey Kong Country FFS!!
But wait! The silly buying did not stop there as I wanted to get one a step up! Something bigger! So my friends, I went that one step up and this is the result!!

Nerf Recon- CS-6

OK......OK....... Now I admit I went a bit over board but hey these guys are fun and now I feel like that kid again :P!!...... Hey, I think I am gonna paint these guns sometime and make them look crazy! What do yer say?!

---------------------------------------------Big Ups----------------------------------------

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