Friday, 15 June 2012

The New, The Inked in, and The Down Right Evil!!

The other day I got a thinking for a brand new t-shirt design. Something a bit more simple but funky all the same! I am gonna love playing around with this idea! Only rough pencil sketchings of the thing so far but, indeed, it is coming on nicely! Take a look see at the start of it all! Love this scared pen guy!!

Also the other day I got busy inking in my collab I am involved in with my mate Sebastian Freuler It is taking a while getting this all done but it is going to look so groovy! Now it is just down to the background and I am on to the colour!

Lastly but not I have been doing some logo and illustration work for Mooch, a dubstep DJ and producer out in Australia! Looking sick is all I can say! Evil bears are coming so get yourself ready Freddy!!

Be great when I get on to colour work on some of this stuff!! Oh so much to do so little time to do it in! You can be sure though that I will update you lot on when things are all done and polished!!

                 ----------------------------------Big Ups!---------------------------------

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