Friday, 22 June 2012

Something Finished, Something In Ink Mode, And Something Re-Done!

Remember when I showed you all a pencil sketch of a scared pen looking character, a part of my new t-shirt design? Well, that design is looking much better now that I have just inked the sucker in. Now I am really looking forward to seeing this coloured and finished because I think the thing really pops out at yer!! This monster character in the design I am indeed happiest with...

... But going back to that pen character I showed you, I wasn't 100% sure on the guy! Yeah so he was nicely drawn and all but the geeza did not look like a pen much I have to say! So, I bit my lip and did this to the poor fella!
I started to think what would make a pen look more like a...... Well, pen! Also another thing troubling me was even though the piece itself is a cartoon, the ink (drawing of ink trails/splats) looks way too runny for it to be a marker pen, looks more like paint to be honest. I decided maybe if I change it to a fountain pen the runny ink would seem more suited. But then as I was drawing away I though the thing would look great with an added scared pencil thrown into the mix! Damn designs get harder to work around when you only can use a max of five colours! Check this out and tell me what you think?!
Still only a pencil sketch but I love these two much better than that other guy! LOL at their facial expressions!!

Oh.......Oh........Oh, and before I leave yer guys (damn I am really making this too long ain't I?) I wanna show you the finished Mooch logo I've been doing! That thing with the evil bear (here is Mooch's Facebook page for more!! Looking good I think but lets see what Mooch thinks about the colours huh (hope he likes)?!!

All right before this post gets way too long I am jetting out for a good Friday night with a beer!! Also if any of you are reading this who is not apart of my Facebook page please come down and give me a like!

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