Thursday, 31 May 2012

Crazy Collab!!

Hey all you crazy folk out there and welcome to my second ever crazy blog post *another fist punch to the air*! I promise to keep it nice and short this time and not go off too crazy! 
Well you might of guessed it by now that, crazy is the word of the day for this post. I have been doing some crazy cartoon collab recently with a good friend of mine and an amazing artist himself, Sebastian Freuler A.K.A Snake Byte (who is just as crazy if not crazier than I am). You can check out his work if you so wish to right here:
The subject he came up with for me to base this collaboration around is the theme of, colonization! A fair bit different from what sort of theme I think up myself but all in all I made this illustration as gibberish as gibberish can be! Feels good to do a crazy big illustration for fun again. Here is the first stages of this piece! This here photo is a part of the foreground itself! And yes it is the first illustration in a long long time I am drawing with a background!! This is just the pencil stage and at the moment I'm inking the sucker in! What you think so far??

            -------------------------------------Big Ups!!!-------------------------------------------

Pencil stage for this crazy collab!!

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