Monday, 1 October 2012

Chemical Warning!!

Hey there Gibberish peeps!! Check that title out because yet another logo of mine has gone down on the record books as complete and this week it's more of that Chemical Language flavour! Something different and yet something familiar with this here logo. What I mean is, for this logo I have taken my flat comic book art style and applied it to a more 3D type look, adding textures and so on. I don't normally do this with my stuff I have to say but this is looking good. I also, which is new to me, made this dark in colour, desaturated everything to give a more evil and sinister feel! In the end it has come out well and CL himself really loves it. Be sure to check him out and this here logo going on a lot of his stuff! Just click this link to fly over to his Facebook page!

Wow now I am sure hungry! Not eaten today for some silly reason so I am hopping down startings to cook me some pizza! Enjoy the rest of your day everyone! I am out! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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