Monday, 22 October 2012

Inked Up Chemicals!

Yeah here comes Monday as it rolls in! The best day of the week for so many huh? *sarcastic grin goes up* Me, being freelance days kind'a merge into one like Photoshop layers! Good and bad mind you but fun all the same!
OK ladies and gents here with another few images of my latest Chemical Language piece! Been inking in some illis, just the two. Sadly though I've dropped the evil speakers for something else, still cool but I thought now with this upgraded alien the speakers don't really fit in anymore. I changed them to some chemical monster type guys instead! Take a look see!!

Needs a bit of a tidy up but this here is the Chemical Language alien all inked up! And now for the new addiction, these chemical monsters!!

Again, needs a bit of a clean up but this is it in full swing! As you read this here post I am off colouring in these funky toons! Hopefully by Friday I will be finishing it all off to show you all! Looking good so far peeps! Alright, adios amigos I am out! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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