Monday, 8 October 2012

Head Phone Wearing Double O's with Tangled Barbed Wire!

Wow what a dark gloomy day for England it's been today but somehow in someway it makes being inside with a hot coffee in one hand and a pen drawing cartoons in the other that much more focused! With good tunes pumping through my key phones as I zone out into another world scribbling away to some deep bass lines! It maybe far from perfect outside but in, it's a stones throw away from being a great Monday!
Alright, so here is the latest news on my gibberish art-ventures! I've been busy with a new piece for Dan Cooper otherwise known as Coops. He is an up and coming music producer with some wonderful tunes. An Electronic music artists dipping into the likes of, Ghetto Funk, Glitch Hop to Fidget House and Garage. So, if you like the sound of that be sure to swing by his page by clicking here!

Dan wants his artist name, Coops as his logo but wanted the 00's to be wearing head phones. So I went about whipping up a graff style logo for him. I thought of making C and P kind of shattered as the head phones blasted out, but I guess drawing it they turned into something more than just that. I guess in the end with the headphones showing the jack not plugged in that would not make a lot of sense. However, I did not just want the wire going somewhere out of frame as if they were plugged in but somewhere else. I wanted everything together. This is when I started drawing that C and P into something else. The S is the wire itself as the word, Coop being an even number of letters I thought making the S in another style, detached from the other letters and would help to balance out everything. If this makes sense?

OK, enough with me rambling on, here it is, the first stage, in pencil:

Here is the OO's close up with headphones on. I thought of making another version of them separate as well just because it seems like a cool possible stand a lone picture. I love how the eyes are different, one with a kind of pupil in and the other without, sort of like a blinded eye because of that scare!

I've also have started inking in the C so hopefully by tomorrow the whole thing will be inked and looking good!

But the Coops logo isn't just it as I have been doing some work for Chemical Language as well. Yesterday I started drawing up a frame for his cover photo (on Facebook) artwork. It's been slow getting all this done but will be worth it all in the end! The photo for this is a bit out of focus but it still shows off the piece alright. It is barbed wire wrapped around randomly with chemical slime dripping down. I am deffo looking forward to seeing all this work coloured.

Right, I am off to finish the inking for the Coops logo so I can start colouring in the thing tomorrow. I will be showing off the finished piece come Friday if all goes well. Then on to getting this Chemical Language cover art done! A lot of work to be done this week but will be fun to see everything!
So, see you later gibberish readers! Just wait till this coming Friday, a storm is coming (work wise not weather wise-fucking English weather) :P!! Toodles!!


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