Monday, 8 April 2013


Hey there Gibberish readers! This week has started off with a bang for sure! Firstly my Alien/Spaceballs design, "Hello Mah Honey" is up on sale but I've been getting on with inking in my new t-shirt design. As you can see I've not yet finished but it is getting there! I hope by the end of the night I will have it all done up!
This here is a Street Fighter themed tee but the characters I've drawn (Ryu, Chung-Li and Dhalsim) are all zombies. I am gonna draw the title above on a separate image then fit both together after. Will have the title, Zombie Fighter but done in the same style as the actual game font with maybe Bison's head above peering over. Also down below will have the words, press start in a pixelated type font. Also I am hoping to add a blood type background in for good measure! It is slow but getting there peeps!

Loving Dhalsim on this one with his long extended arms dragging across the floor with his zombie like dead expression across his mug! I so am looking forward to touching it all up when done later on.

Been on Facebook today? Well, you prob seen me go on about my new tee being up on sale on Unamee! So happy about this as it is my very first one! Great news huh?
It is only $10 / £6 / 7 and all, pretty cheap huh?! if you like it you can go here to pick one up:

OK guys that is me done for today! I am desperate to get back to my Zombie Fighters piece and see it all inked up! I hope yer like my work so far and until next time, stay bang tidy y'all!! Toodles!!


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