Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Zombie Ryu

Hey there all you Gibbery Jabbery Gibberish readers out there across cyber space and welcome to yet another, well..... Gibberish blog post! Here is another update on my forever taking Zombie Fighter tee design! This time I am showing off an update in the form of zombie Ryu himself! I had to cut him back a bit here and add a bit there to him to make him more "readable" but here he is! I just hope when everything gets put together at the end it is not too much!

I love his evil blacked out eyes and that lightning power I added to his fist! I also changed the nose to add more of an evil look to the guy but need to add that into Illustrator today!

And here is the final piece with all his five colours and halftone shading in there, minus the background, yellow, and frame of course! Now it is just on to Dhalsim and I can not wait to get started with him hahahahaha. By the way, zombies can be blue right?

Ah well, until the day I grace you with zombiefied stretched arms stay tidy all!! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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