Friday, 19 April 2013

Chung- Zomb- Li

Hey there Gibberish readers! Long time since I wrote one of these posts ain't it? Yeah, been too long! The reason being, my new tee design based upon Street Fighter with a zombie twist has been taking it's sweet time getting into. Also, have to say, Zombie Fighter as I am calling it has been helping me improve on a few things. I won't get into that but lets just say I've been wanting to learn a few new tricks! Anyway, I will stop with mah usual gibberish ramblings and show you the work I've been doing with it over the last few days!

As yer can see by these photos been colouring in and getting this zombie Chung Li looking mint and all ghoulish! Love the broken leg here! See she was about to perform her wondrous flash kick but this here zombie Chung Li has become a tad bit rotten!

And here she is all finished and presenting in this frame just for my blog. She is illustrated using 5 colours with a halftone shade which will be used for the whole of this tee design! Mind you I still need to do the other two, Ryu and Dhalsim (along with the title of the tee of course). So it ain't finished yet and there is a lot to do to get there still but it is coming along. Slowly but surely as they say!!

OK back to Ryu! I really wanna start with Dhalsim but I am leaving the best till last I think!! For colour balancing reasons I have done zombie Dhalsim blue! You can get blue zombies right? Besides, one of his alternative colour choices is blue I think! Anyway's, most dash!! Toodles!!


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