Monday, 6 May 2013

Final Zombiefied Tee with Some Yoga Flame!

Another Monday comes another Gibbering Jabbering Gibberish blog post for you all to stare at! Hell, I hope it warms the beginning of your week up well and truly!
OK down to bizz-ness, over the weekend I finished the colouring of zombie Dhalsim then today, I put all the pieces together to show off the final tee design itself! Oh yes, finally it is done! Well, almost. I just need help with the final touch really. I really want you lot to let me know what you guys think on this. But in a bit, I just wanna show you zombie Dhalsim first! What you reckon?!

Hahahaha I love the expression of his face here and them long arms. You see now Dhalsim is all zombiefied he has kind'a lost the elasticity in his arms leaving them dragging around on the floor as he hunches over! I thought of making him blue. Just to give some variation on the other two being green. Also I think a blue Dhalsim is actually an alternative colour choice to pick in the game. Not too sure on that though. Oh and it does give it balance, with the rest of the tee! Speaking of the tee, I put all the elements together to show you guys what it might look like, the final design I mean. Bare in mind though I picked these colours and they are not Pantone, so the shade of them might change for the final thing just to help with the print.

OK but here's the deal, what version do you like the best here? The one or the one without the splats? Or does anyone have a suggestion for what I could add maybe to the mix. Please let me know and by all means share you opinions out! Oh oh and here the design looks on a mock up tee itself!

Oooooooh to stop me over ranting on here I will leave you readers for now to enjoy your week. Thanks for the look see and thanks for any future suggestions, I love them all! Well until next Gibbering Jabbering Gibberish blog post stay tidy peeps! Toodles!! 


-------Big Ups!-----

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