Friday, 1 February 2013

Deadly Gaint Robotic Speakers!

Ah once again I am getting stuck into that zone again. Oh how I love that zone! Huuuuuuuuh? You shrug in confusion? Well Gibberish readers, that zone I am on about is what I like to call the gibberish zone! Once I get stuck into a piece of art work I just seem to forget everything else around me, just drawing away! I end up looking back at the clock and get shocked to see, "what? Already that time?" That is what I mean by gibberish zone! And boy do I love it! A day without being creative kind of feels like a wasted one!

So then, what do I have that is new to show off this Friday? Well, been working on a wild cartoon for the DJ duo, Audio: Hertz! You can, if you haven't already check out their stuff out by popping over to their Facebook page by clicking ======> HERE!!

This piece I thought up is them aboard a giant robot speaker armed with a plasma cannon and electronic blaster of some kind!

Because of space on the page getting filled up I think I will later add in the parts missing when I go to scan this fella in. I am always doing that though, running out of space on the page hahahah!!

Just like this here foot and side of the arm too! But will fill that in easy!

So then, what yer think gibberish readers of it so far? I will be inking this in tomorrow and tidying up some of it's messy pencil marks. I kept erasing parts because I had a better idea for it!
I will show you the finished colour piece soon enough peeps but until then I hope you have enjoyed this here first look! Enjoy the weekend everyone! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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