Monday, 11 February 2013

New Gibberish Tee Ideas!!

Hey there Gibberish Readers! You guys seen this image up on my Facebook recently and read my announcement? Well, if yer haven't, all I was banging on about really is I've decided to get my weird and wacky gibberish mind into gear and come up with yet another Jak Gibberish tee design!
It has been over a year now since I have started to work on my first two and now I thought is a good a time as any to come back to the game!! I am well and truly excited!!

Been thinking up some some ideas and putting my mighty HB pencil to work in sketching them up to show off to yers! So feel free to let me all know what yer think of the bastards heehee!!
First up is four sketchy rough ideas of a few tee designs and then one design I went ahead and made a bit neater! Bare in mind guys these are all rough ideas so sorry if they look kind'a crude in this stage!


I had an idea for an octopus kind of character holding with his tentacles all kinds of things and smoking a massive joint or maybe could be some sort of wizard pipe! Behind him could be some white bubbles rising up to the surface but done as if they look like paint splats!

 A fat cat mustache wearing villain riding a giant robot towering over a small dog dressed as some super hero! :P


A gas mask wearing alien robot of some kind with 6 arms DJing! Well like the idea of something written above him but I am still thinking!  


Now four is a li'l more rough and incomplete but I thought of an idea of loads of old fashioned style cartoon characters all embracing some crazy old school stuff with, "I am an official old schooler" written around it! Still in the process of thinking up more for this but the idea is pretty much there!

Finally is an idea I kind'a like, which is another DJ themed cartoon. I was itching to draw this one up a bit more funkier to show off. I am not done with the sucker yet as I am adding a lot more in but here it looks so far!

Wow I sure am running this post into a long one so I am off-ski!! Need to go an eat something and all! Please let me know what you think of these ideas and I just love all yer feed back!

Right, that is it for another Monday's blog post Gibberish Readers! Stay cool y'all!! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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