Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Extra Aliens for a French Tour!

Ah you see, this month Gibberish readers I ain't been really keeping up with this here blog now have I? It is a shame really but there is a reason! Been keeping under the radar for a bit until I really want to officially announce the news. I want to get some work up before showing it off to you. I, like always will not go really into too much depth with what I truly mean but it does involve more of my own work. When I say that I mean more of my own work and not stuff for other people. I think the time has come for a little bit of the new new!
But first peeps, some more of this Karl Phillips and TMR (click right HERE for their Facebook page) poster work. Last time I showed you the full up and coming, French Breakers Tour poster I designed. However, I showed you a version with all the dates and everything. Now, this version is one without but replacing it is an extra character. You might say this here is a special edition poster that will go on sale while the tour is on. So, if you want look out for it. But the thing is peeps which one do you prefer out of these two?

Or this one?

OK ladies and gents that is me done for this Tuesday's blog post! I am off to put these guys on t-shirts and the like for the tour as well! I think this is the start of something wonderful and crazy!! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----


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