Friday, 8 February 2013

Speaker Robots Mission Satus: Complete!

Fridays rolled around and you know that that means right Gibberish readers! Oh yes, I know, a weekend is here! Yes, but besides that? Yes, I know, you get to sleep in a bit but please, apart from all that? Aaaaaaah will yer let me finish already!

OK. OK *clears throat** what this Friday also means is........ No, wait for it...... Right, this Friday means a brand new finished piece from me! Oh yes! If yer been checking out my Facebook page this week and my blog post last Friday you will know that I've been at work on a piece for a DJ/ producer duo going by the name of, Audio:Hertz. Swing by there Facebook page to hear some of their stuff if you haven't already just by clicking ===> HERE!!

Right all, enough with the jibba jabba, here is my new Audio:Hertz piece. It might see a few odd changes here and there but me likes it so far! Agree?

So then peeps, I will just leave you now to enjoy! And erm yes, having that nice weekend tucked up in bed! Get yourself ready for lie-ins! I am off to play some vid games and shit! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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