Monday, 18 February 2013

Octopus Bubbles!

Hello there all you Gibberish Readers out there in cyber space! Well, I guess you might of seen, or not seen that I did not post a blog entry on Friday just gone! Truth is, I was starting up a brand new t-shirt, a funky DJ themed one to be exact. But it all went a bit pear shaped so I decided to skip ahead to my next t-shirt design until I got an idea of how to continue. And, I have to say, over the weekend I had an idea to get it back up and rolling again, the DJ tee that is. However, I have indeed been busy with my other t-shirt design. This here octopus. As you can see I have not finished the guy off yet but it is getting there piece by piece. Hopefully come tomorrow I will post the full pencil version on Facebook for you all to gaze at!

Here is the sketched version I uploaded on Facebook if you have not seen it until now!

When I am done with the whole thing and coloured, prob by Friday I will be putting it up on different t-shirt sites like Threadless and Red Bubble! Hopefully it will be put up and I can see it printed but if it doesn't I will try different places until it does! 

OK peeps, I am jetting off to finish. Thinking of a name too for my octopus! Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!
Anyway guys, until next time, stay bang tidy yeah? Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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