Monday, 17 September 2012

Breaking Skulls with Saws to Reveal a New Logo!

Hey there guys! How is everyone doing in cyberspace today? Now, you might be wondering why the hell I never actually blogged a single post last week and the truth is, I am not sure why. I had a few projects in the works, finishing off two to be exact. Days past and yet I could not get to finish them on time for when my blog days were so I thought, Ah fuck it, I will just wait till Monday rolls around and then show you two wonderfully finished pieces instead, make it a double wammy (<--- is that how you spell wammy?) if you like!

First off my wonderful gibberish readers is my more recently finished art. This here is a logo I've just finished for Free Breaks Blog. This blog is for everything breakbeat. A great blog showing off and passing out all types of free tunes, so if you like your electronic dance music check this site out! Has a ton of readers every months and always updated to the full. Click here to check the blog for free tunes!

Not sure when he will update the blogs logo with mine but I am sure it will be real soon! So, in the mean time here it is! What do you think?

OK, now second up is that alien I did for Chemical Language. I showed you all the pencil stages of it last post but here is the finished article. I posted it up on my Facebook page mid week but never actually blogged it. So if you have not seen it up on my page at all here it is again for all to see!

Right, that is me done folks for another Monday. I am off to.........Guess?.......Draw more crazy stuff so I can show you all this coming Friday! To the battle stations! *pen at the ready* See you guys and hope yer enjoyed this here post! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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