Friday, 7 September 2012

From Gods to Aliens!

As it slowly gets dark come Friday I am sipping some late night coffee (which may not actually be a good idea mind you) and smiling about my new illustration project. After this Greek Gods Records piece I was getting involved in I am designing a character for a guy who names himself, Chemical Language. This guy is based in Miami and is a great up and coming EDM producer and DJ. Just click right here to go and visit his Facebook page! So, CL as I will call him for now wants some wild gas mask sporting guy as a character for his tunes and I though some crazy alien type with chemical jars and test tubes will do the trick. Then I got an idea of linking his DJ headphones up to the test tube bubbling away with some dangerous chemicals. I am also going to add a speech bubble later with the chemical symbol inside as it will go with his name. I am about to ink this geeza in but here is the very start, just pencil for now! It has been a fun week this, from drawing gods all the way to aliens. I think I got a theme going here, a weird but fun theme! Check the scribbles!

It's going to be yet another colouring weekend as I try my best to get it done for Monday but who knows, might just find another mid night posting going on! 
Well guys I hope everyone has a great Friday night as I am inking in some aliens!! Hope all is well peeps 'n' peep-esses! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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