Friday, 13 July 2012

Virtual Gibberish!

Hi there guys and welcome to another Friday blog post. Today it is all about the virtual world of Second Life. For those that don't know, it is a virtual world in which people can come together to meet and explore (yeah kind'a sounds weird doesn't it? But nah, in the end it's kind'a fun). The world itself feels endless with so much to do and see (and no before you say it, this isn't me shamelessly plugging the game away)! It also allows people to build, script (for all you script kiddies out there) and sell. You can build an actual business in this world which can be rather sweet! People actually earn a real living in this game, crazy huh?! I myself have a store in game known as, "House Of Gibberish!" Been building the thing up for a while now! Here I make and sell virtual versions of my real t-shirts and any other stuff I can muster up! See, kind of colourful ain't it?

Recently, well yesterday more like, I have put together a virtual t-shirt to add to my collection. Remember recently I did a t-shirt design for Qwertee called, "Ink Monsters?" Well, I thought why not make it into a Second Life version too. I have not finished it just yet but I think it is safe to say at the moment it is looking good. Also I'd like to point out that, yes, it is me in the photos, my Second Life me that is :P! Here's how the virtual pixel t-shirt's looking!

Not sure when I will finally get round to putting it up for sale, that and a tattoo design (which I will leave for another post). But it will happen soon guys!
On another Second Life note one of my other new projects I am working on is with a guy named, HEN Streeter (Second Life name). He he a Scripter in Second Life who makes wacky and crazy weapons for the game. One of his weapons is, "Z" and I illustrate all the selling vendors for them, helping to promote it all! He is bringing out a new mod for Z called, "Z Defence". I will not go into them as it will take up pages but if you like you can check out his in world store here  (if you already play Second Life) or even his Marketplace store here. Anyway, Just been inking in the first stages of the new Z Defence illustration and it's been fun! Check it peeps!

Well guys I am out to get some good old brews and enjoy this kind'a so so afternoon before it begins to rain like hell! I hope you enjoyed the read and till next time stay funky like a monkey!! Toodles!

--------------------Big Ups----------------

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