Friday, 20 July 2012

DJ cartoons and flaming skull tats!!!

Friday is here once again and I am gracing you all with another blog post update on my work! This week has been kind'a sweet with cartoons. Been doing a well good illustration which I am loving up! This weeks projects I've been scribbling is an illustration for this new DJ school starting up by the wonderful breaks duo, Leuce Rhythms! Wanna check 'em out? Well, you can do by heading down to their Facebook fan page by clicking here! Just finished today with the pencil stage, so maybe tomorrow I will start up with the inking. I tell you, once I get it all coloured I think this bad boy is gonna be sick! Here is some photos of the work so far! I've been so zoned out recently drawing this and I can not help adding more to it! LOL I guess that inking stage is going to get pushed back more and more!! But it is so exciting seeing it all come together!!

Aaah damn that reminds me, I need to go and buy some more pens as the ink on the ones I have is running low! I swear I go through ink faster than an octopus gets scared shitless!!

It's been ages since I have drawn a pair of decks I have to say. Last attempt was that Dom Almond illi I did a few years back! Oh but I love this geeza's face! I have to say, that was like mine when I was drawing this thing!!

All right guys that is the DJ illustration I've been doing but also I thought of doing some more special Second Life avatar tattoos too! But who knows, I might see if I can get these bought up by some real flash tattooist somewhere! I've been doing so many Second Life t-shirts for my store and only have one Second Life tattoo. I thought, what the hey, when I put up this new Second Life Ink Monsters t-shirt I will sell these tattoos along side!

These are two skull tat ideas I have been working on so it's only rough sketches so far! Either way though, I am digging them real bad! What do you think?

The first is better than this second one but give it time! I am sure this one too will look good! Well folks, that is me done. I am off to do some more of my website!! Oooooooooooooooooooooo I hear you say, what does that look like?!! More later peeps so keep it locked! Enjoy your Friday night, I am out!!!

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