Friday, 6 July 2012

Clubs 'n' Guns

Hello Friday (can not believe the week has gone so F'ing fast)!! I am here once again with yet more Mooch scribblings! These bears are great I am telling you, wild and wacky just the way I like it. It is funny though how last week I said to myself I would have everything done for the Monday gone but only now have I finished all four evil bears for Mooch! On Monday I showed you bears one and two, now here is three and four for you to feast your greasy eyes upon! Love the fat clubbing bear out of these two!

Mooch Club bear (bear 3)

Mooch Gun bear (bear 4)

But that my friends is not it, oh no!! Now I have all four of the crazy furry guys done I am whipping up a full illustration for them to feature in! I have just started so all it is at the mo is a rough, slightly neater in parts version! But it is getting there. I still need to have it all done so I can ink the baby in. Hopefully I can get to the colouring tomorrow if all goes well enough. Pleaseeeeee let it be this Monday when I can show it all in it's full glory!! So so so so so Gibberish-o-holics out there want to see it? Not much as of yet but you will soon see!! This whole illustration is like an army of angry bears with these four in the foreground and the evil shadow bear (his logo) in the back! Kind of like some dark lord movie poster or something!! Mooch told me when he saw the rough draft of it it reminded him of, The Warriors, but obviously a evil bear kind of version! I would say I have to agree! That and I would pay shit loads to see some mad F'ed up evil bear version of the film! Think of the Care Bears gone manic Bi-Polar and I think you will be half way there!!

Rough pencil stage of background (part of it)
All right guys I am off to munch down on some juicy burgers 'n' JalapeƱos washed down with my favourite bear.... I mean, beer, Desperados. All that'll be some good energy for the inking in mode later tonight!! Stay tidy y'all!!..... Toodles!!

-------------------Big Ups!-----------------

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