Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy Gibberish New Years!

Well I am back everyone from a much needed Christmas break! A break full of drink, food, family and video game playing! Not played a video game in ages! Oh yes, it is good to be lazy again! Although I have to say, what I am trying to do for a living is not exactly what I call work either, more like fun!

I see now everyone is getting ready for New Years Eve and the next year ahead! I hope it is a good year for everyone as I am sure it will be a wonderful gibberish year for me!

Right, I was thinking, since it is the new year coming up I may as well go ahead and do a blog post of all the work I have done over this year. Call it a collection if you were. A gibberish collection of 2012 work. My best and fave pieces! Starting of course with the birth of my first two t-shirt designs!

Then of course, I tried my hand at those t-shirt designs for Qwertee. One I liked, one not so much! Never did get anywhere though...

Then came the stuff I did for Mooch! Loved that work!

I also did this logo for a website dev called Div: 0

After which I did that cool DJ cartoon piece for DJ School UK and Leuce Rhythms!

Moving on I did the Greek Gods Records piece! Which I really ended up liking!

That was followed by the piece I drew for Sleepless City...

Then it was on to logo work. This time for Free Breaks Blog...

Then yet another logo for Dubsective!!

Keeping with the logos I then did one for Chemical Language!

With an nice illustration for his Facebook cover photo after that!

Back to logos again, this time one for Coops!

Oh and another illustration piece for Monticore!

Also did that piece for Rigurgitate!

Then I did a piece for the amazing band (with a new piece on the way) Karl Phillips and TMR!

LOL with yet another logo for DNGRFLD! 

Then after all that I finished off with my wonderful Christmas card!

So you could say this year has indeed been a very creative and productive one! And the funny thing is, I've only just begun because 2013 is gonna be even bigger!!

Now, I think I've bombarded you enough now with cartoon madness! I will just leave you with these pieces to look over. Some you most of seen a lot if yer pluged into the whole Gibberish facebook page of mine!

Oh I do hope everyone's year of 2013 is a grand one for you all!! Have a smashing time getting wrecked on NYE!! OK, I am out!! Toodles!!



-------Big Ups!-----



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