Sunday, 9 December 2012


 HO-HO-HO all yer Gibberish Readers out there! Santa has come a few weeks early this year! Or should I say, Gibba-Claus has?!
Yeah that is right peeps, I have now finished my crazy Gibberish Christmas card this year and they are now off being printed as I type this. Hopefully next week I can get them back! When I do who wants one? Just a little festive Gibberish for everyone as I get ready for the 24th!

But that is not all folks as this is my real Christmas treat! As of tomorrow I am doing a special Christmas give away with my t-shirts!! Yes, that is right! As of tomorrow if you are on my Facebook page (if not I will post the link at the end) you can enter to get a FREE t-shirt of your choice! There will be 2 winners by the end of the give away! It is very simple, tomorrow I will slap this here photo on my wall and all you have to do is SHARE it!! So if you want one of my 7 coloured screen printed t-shirts for FREE now is the time! So come and enter everyone!!

But wait guys, there is more! As well as this here FREE t-shirt give away of mine I am making all my £15/$24/€18 t-shirts have FREE delivery without the postage costs to anywhere around the world!! Just log on to my Facebook page tomorrow at 6PM my time (UK GTM) for the start of the give away! But remember peeps SHARE the image/ Facebook post as much as possible because if the share count is lower than 15 no one will win! GET SHARING EVERYONE!!
Right guys I am off! Got some tickets to this theater show which sounds good! Something random and new to London so that will be interesting I bet! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Gibberish Readers I am out!! Toodles


-------Big Ups!-----


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